Wheels & Tires

Wheels & Tires have a significant effect on your vehicle overall performance. There are times when vehicle owners settle for tires or wheels that do not bring out the best performance that their vehicle can give. At Ultimate Tint and Wheel in High Desert, we will guide you through the process of selecting the best tires and wheels for your vehicle, so you do not only drive with style, but you also push your vehicle performance to its limit... read more>>

Drive Safely with Style


Types of Tires

  • High Performance Tires:  Also known as Z-Rated tires, maximum performance tires or ultra-high-performance tires. These tires offer a superior degree of handling, grip and cornering ability than standard tires. High performance tires are also rated for operation at higher speeds than non high performance tires.
  • All Terrain Tires: These tires are made for road and off-road applications.  The tires usually will be labeled AT or M+S (for mud and snow) and are great truck and SUV tires.
  • Mud Tires: These types of tires have gaps that are bigger than the usual tires. Mud tires have those big gaps in order for the mud to fall of easily and so that your truck doesn’t get stuck in the mud.  One big drawback to a mud tire is that they tend to be noisy on the road.

High Performance


Window Tinting

Window Tinting now, is considered as an essential element for homes, commercial buildings, and especially cars. At Ultimate Tint & Wheel we use the finest tinting films available in the market include Formula One high end tint, and 3M tinting films. We take pride of our work, and thats why you can be assured that your tint will be professionally installed by our highly trained and experienced staff... read more>>

High Quality Tinting


Auto Tinting

Auto Window Tinting is one of the main services that we specialize in. You can have a peace of mind knowing that top quality window tinting file will be used for your vehicle... read more>>

Residential Tinting

Residential Window Tinting provides your home or real estate with energy savings, sun control, privacy and protection, which improves your health, comfort and security... read more >>

Commercial Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting for office buildings, store fronts are commonly used for purposes likes saving energy, professional looks, and privacy. From small business to big buildings ... read more>>

Paint Protection

Paint Protection Film (PPF) also known as Clear Bra is a thermoplastic urethane film that is applied to your new or used vehicle to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatter (love bugs) and minor abrasions. Our Paint Protection Films are approved by virtually all auto manufacturers. If you want to maintain the shine of your brand new car a paint protection film is what you really need... read more >>

Protect your Investment


Car Lifting

Modifying your car to a lower stance can improve your car handling, control, and speed, but in order to achieve the desired results this process has to be done properly. Contact us to learn more about our top of the line car lifting kits and installation process and pricing... read more >>

Lift Kit


Car Lowering

Car Lowering is usually done by car owners who would like for their car to look more sleek although there are times when the vehicle has already been lowered too much that it is harder to drive. With Ultimate Tint and Wheel, we make sure that we will provide the lowering service that you need without sacrificing the overall performance... read more >>

Lower your Car


Car Multimedia

Ultimate Tint and Wheel offers a wide range of auto multimedia systems and accessories including; car stereos, car alarms, remote starters audio systems, navigation Systems, aux integration, and much more. If you would like a pleasurable experience with the installation of your new auto stereos or multimedia equipment, feel free to call us today at (760) 952-9548 to schedule an appointment... read more>>

Multimedia Systems

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