Car tires is the Impotant part of the Car, Learn about discount tire

Tires, as we all know, are the most essential part of a car. Nobody can run a car without it and a car will be of no use without it as well. That’s the reason why people should take care of their tires especially when driving because some of the accidents that are recorded nowadays are said to be caused by flat tires or loose ones.

car tires

People need to think of the important factors when it comes to vehicles. One factor is to maintain the good performance of a tire. Talking about tires, people should know its capacity or capabilities and not just that, they must know the limitations as well. No matter how good the tire is, you still need to know that there will always have an end to anything. You need to know how to handle everything because of that; it will always interest you to know what a tire is.

Car Tires are made to resist more abuse than other parts of the vehicle. Driving too fast or putting much load to a car will cause a tire to lessen its durability. Using light tires for a heavy vehicle will also strain your tire or it may even cause it to burst out. The weight and the speed of a vehicle should vary according to its type. If you’ll need to carry heavy loads, you should use the tires that are especially designed for big trucks. And you will also need to consider the size of the vehicle as well.

There are specifications of a tire and you can determine how much weight it could take by reading the description that is inscribed on the tire. The last two digits you can see on the tire is its maximum speed rate. There are codes you can see on the tire as well and it specifies its abilities. The tire that has the highest performances is coded as “Z”. Its abilities are better that any other type of tires. Its abilities are much higher but until now, it’s unknown. Since coding of tires started, there’s always been a tire rated as “V” which has the maximum limit of 149 mph which means meter per hour. “W” coded tires have limit of 168 mph while “Y” has a limit of 186 mph.

If you are planning to have a race car, it is best if you will consult it to an expert because you need to have the tire that is fit for racing. It is good to talk to tire manufacturers to know the specification of the tire so that you will be sure that the tire can withstand the speed that is recommended for racings. You can search for the codes that you can see on your tire for you to know its speed limit and capacity. It is better if you check your tire first so that you will avoid some complications that can cause an accident.

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    By Author • December 7, 2012 • 12:00 pm

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