Types of Custom Wheels

Your first upgrade on your new car can determine the appearance, style, and general impression of the vehicle for years to come. Therefore, it’s important to sink money into vital systems on your car, and select things that will make a truly notable impression for those who see your car. One of the easiest and most visible modifications is a set of custom wheels, which are now more available than ever before thanks to the rise of the auto modification industry. At Ultimate Tint and Wheel, there are a range of custom wheels available for purchase and installation, and they run the gamut from aggressive to sleek and elegant. There are a wide range of these products, and they have a variety of uses that can span from racing performance enhancements to all-terrain overhauls. To find out which particular type of custom wheels are designed for you, and to place your order once you’ve found your dream set of wheels, read on.

Custom WheelsThe first and most well-known group of custom tires is high performance tires, which can also be termed Z-rated in some circles. These tires are designed to provide maximum friction and control on the road’s surface, and enable you to perform high-speed, slick moves without losing your grip on the wheel or any sharp turns. High performance tires are designed with the racing crowd in mind, or for those who may face conditions such as rain or sleet on the road, which can hamper a car’s ability to retain traction while driving. Standard tires may not fare as well at high speeds, and lack the durability that often comes with a quality set of high performance tires. These are the best option for those who like to drive fast, and do it with style.

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Mud tires, as the name might imply, are designed to operate in muddy conditions, either on or off the road. A mud tire is marked by a series of wide grooves within the rubber, which act as a diversionary tracts to push away any mud from beneath the wheels. Mud tires can be very bulky and sound strange while on clean, standard roads, but they’re a true lifesaver if you’re frequently in muddy or otherwise less-than-optimal conditions.

The last set of custom tires is the all-terrain tire, which is typically meant to be used on trucks or SUV models. The all-terrain tire is designed with the outdoorsman, sportsman, and craftsman in mind, since these tires are capable of scaling nearly any material or surface to get you to your destination. A

ll-terrain tires are incredibly durable and built to last, and can make a fantastic upgrade to your truck or car platform.
If you’re looking to view particular models of any of these custom wheels in Apple Valley or surrounding areas, consider stopping into Ultimate Tint and Wheel, based out of Victorville, California. You can call the phone number listed at ultimatetintandwheel.com, or send an e-mail as an inquiry to any of our knowledgeable and skilled staff members.

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